How to increase profit by selling matching sets

I was speaking with a customer the other day and they shared how they are selling matching sets that feature a decorated onesie with a color matched beanie and bib. These sets have proven to be really lucrative for them.  

Maximum Quality

At Soft Bebe we take color very seriously.  Every new batch of fabric is dyed to our exact color specifications and checked against prior batches.  This is important to ensure consistency from one batch to the next.  

Additionally, all of our products are made from the same heavyweight 100% cotton material.  We do this to ensure that you get the best and most consistent result from your enhancement (screen print, DTG, embroidery, etc.) on any of our blank baby products.

How does this specifically lead to more profit? 

Let's say you sell your decorated Onesie for $25.  If you add a color-matched blank beanie and bib to make a set, you could easily retail that for $40 while only increasing your cost by $3.69.  Below is a table that breaks this down:

Soft Bebe Blank Cost Cost to Decorate Retail Price Profit $  Profit %
Onesie Only $3.24 $6 $25 $15.76 63%
Onesie, Beanie, Bib Set $6.93 $6 $40 $27.07 68%

NOTE: this is using Soft Bebe pricing as of the date of this post.  Current prices may vary.  

Not only do you get a higher order value but you get a higher profit margin as well, just by adding a beanie and bib and creating a set!  

Here are just a few set examples that we see:


If you are not doing sets today I would highly encourage you to give them a try.  Also, leave a comment below and let us know about any other creative set ideas that you are having success with.  

Happy selling! 

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